Tones TCG


Welcome to Tones TCG! Tones is a sequence-based TCG comprising of decks featuring openings, endings, pvs, and other sequences from various anime, manga, and game series. It was officially opened on 09 Jan 2015, and currently has 684 regular & 155 special/puzzle decks, 56 members, and 8 affiliates.

28.08.2015 - site services are live!

Site services are live and ready to go! New and existing players may sign up for a site account here. Have fun!

11.07.2015 - Work in Progress...

Mind your step! We're doing some testing and coding. Don't worry if some pages are down as a result!

01.09.2014 - Tones is now officially open!

Prejoin is over, and the grand opening is here~ If you haven't already, sign up with us to enjoy some fun card collecting times!

12.18.2014 - Tones is now open for prejoin!

Head on over to the Interviews post to sign up and join us for two weeks of prejoin games!

11.20.2014 - Created main pages, services page, index updated

Please navigate over to the DW community for games, deck releases, and keeping up with the latest updates!




Thank you to Ralene for graciously hosting us!
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