For Players

  • FAQ - If you have questions regarding the TCG or how to play, ask here.
  • Suggestions - If you have general suggestions for the TCG, comment here.
  • Information Change - If you need to change your information on the members list, comment here.
  • Error Reporting - If you spot errors on the website or somewhere in the community, comment here.

    For Staff

  • Member List Updating - If you take care of Greatest Hits or Rankings, please comment here weekly so the site can remain up to date.
  • Mod Community - All mods must follow the mod community. Mod pay will be distributed here. If you need someone to cover you, please make a post here.


  • Affiliate? - If you would like to affiliate with Tones, please leave a comment here or e-mail tones.tcg [@] gmail [dot] com. We are open to affiliating with other TCGS. Please include the following information: The name of your TCG
  • A description of your TCG
  • A link to your site
  • A link button, if available

    Private Contact

    If you need to contact a mod privately, please feel free to PM their DW accounts or private plurk them.
  • Aletha @ mori on DW and imgoingtocalifornia on Plurk
  • Chuu @ chuu on DW and ichuu on Plurk

    If you have general concerns or gameplay questions, feel free to PM tones_mod, private plurk TonesTCG, or e-mail tones.tcg [@] gmail [dot] com.
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