» Members must have a valid email address.
» Members must have a card page ready before joining. This can be a webpage, or a LiveJournal/Dreamwidth page. Kindly refer to the sample card post for an idea of how your page should look like.
» Members must keep a detailed card log. Please refer to the How to Play section on the Info page for an example of a good card log.
» No cheating will be tolerated. For starters, please refrain from saving cards that you do not have, or logging fake trades. Do not create multiple accounts - if you have forgotten your password, please reset it here.
» Please upload your cards to your own server, or a free image hosting service. Do not hotlink from the site.
» Please upload your starter pack within 2 weeks after your interview application has been accepted.
» Please update your card post at least once a month. If you need to take a break from the game, please change your status at the Information Change page. Members who are inactive for a long time will be removed and have to rejoin if they wish to play again.
» Be polite. Don't harass other players for trades. If you have an issue with another player or a staff member, do consider bringing it up with one of the mods.
» Most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself!

Once you've been accepted, consider introducing yourself over at the Welcome Center! You'll be able to mingle with other members and earn some shiny new cards.


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