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Member PanelAuthorised personnel only! A collection of quick links to your temp log and other site services.
Temporary Site LogThis page records your service and game activity on the site, in case you need to retrieve lost rewards for your main card log.
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Site Services

InterviewsAspiring stars may book an appointment with one of our managers for a chance at stardom! Interested to join the game? We welcome all new and returning players!
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» Post-event Event Mastery
Congrats on collecting all 16 cards of the deck! Submit your deck masteries here.
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Climbed up another rank? Redeem your level-up rewards here.
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» Quit Tones
Need to update your info on the members list? Great! Planning to go on a hiatus or leave the game? We'd hate to see you go! Let us know through these forms.

Dreamwidth Services

Member CardsWelcome aboard! Comment here to be approved officially, and apply for a member card to trade with other players.
AuditionsIf there's a regular or puzzle deck you'd love to see in the game, this is the place for you. Submit your regular and puzzle deck donations here.
Private AuditionsHead here for special deck donations if you wish to donate a themed or seiyuu deck.
Album ArtThank you for your pretty graphic contributions! Submit your banner, music sheets and link button donations here.
Record StoreMade (another) 20 trades? Need a place to spend your pretty music notes? Redeem your rewards and choice cards here.
RewriteExchange your old cards for some spanking new ones.
Superstar! Idol ProjectReach for your dreams! Apply for an idol here, and a whole slew of sweet rewards awaits.
Bargain BinThese copies are going at a steal! Come get your hands on some old freebies.
SuggestionsWe have much room for improvement, and we'd love to hear your ideas on how Tones can get better.
Info ChangeIf the forms for info change/quitting is not working for you, leave a comment here so we can update. Please only use this post if the forms are not going through.
Error ReportingWe goofed up. Let us know here so we can make things right.
AffiliatesWe'd love to be affiliates. Comment here with your links.




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